Monday, December 7, 2015

Spotlight on Mitchell - Part 1

Since I've showcased one of Tyrone's ELA poetry assignments here, I thought I'd share some of Mitchell's work as well.  The following is a poem he had to write for his poetry unit back in September 2015.  He was to write about his childhood or a particular memory, including a specific rhyme scheme.  Here is his poem:

Brothers Till the Very End
~Mitchell Arendt~
My childhood was filled with many blessings
The biggest was my family.
I'd like to talk about my brother--
I couldn't ask for any other.

We share many great memories, he and I--
Some good and some bad,
But most of them are good
And I would write all about them if I could.
There aren't enough words
to tell how much he means to me--
He's funny, caring and nice
And I often ask him for advice.

I love my brother
Very, very much.
He's my best friend--

We're bothers till the very end.


michelle said...

The pictures definitely support his words on this assignment! I'm glad your boys get along so well and have such a strong tie.

Connie Inglis said...

LOVE IT--including the photos. GREAT job Mitchell!