Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Spotlight on Mitchell - Part 2

Mitchell recently won a contest at the online school he attends.  The challenge was for the high school students to attempt to write the best limerick.  He submitted four entries . . . we're not sure which one got him the win, but he was granted a $20 i-tunes gift card for one of the limericks that follow.  You can decide which one is worthy of a prize.

I know a man who likes cheese,
He very rarely says please,
His wife was annoyed,
With all of his ploys,
So now all she feeds him is peas.

I have a brother named Ty,
He is a pretty swell guy,
He loves to fish,
It's always his wish,
To catch the biggest walleye.

There once was a curious goat,
he decided to jump in a moat,
he journeyed along,
current so strong,
Luckily he knew how to float.

I once met a pilot named Han,
He rarely created a plan,
He never flew solo,
Smuggling his cargo,
With only his right hand man.

Another ELA 20 poetry assignment was to write a Haiku.  Here is Mitchell's creation:

Autumn colors shine,
Leaves are falling from the trees.
Leafless they will stand.


michelle said...

Well, they are all better than I could pull out of the hat on my head! I think the prize is a great way to get him excited about poetry when he was doubting his abilities at the beginning. He really seems to have a knack for it and I hope his confidence in this area continues to improve.

michelle said...

Oops! I just realized this was Mitchell's work! I need to stop and read more closely as I saw poetry and assumed it was Ty's work. Even so, it doesn't diminish the measure of his success. Congratulations are still very much in order.

Connie Inglis said...

Limericks are always so much fun--and a good way to get kids to like poetry. But I especially LOVE his haiku and would love to use it with a photo and put it on my facebook page sometime. That is, IF he gave me permission.

Lovella said...

Great job, Mitchell! I also love the haiku. It creates a beautiful picture! The limericks are also great! That was one form of poetry I could actually get my kids to do and enjoy! I like the one about Han who flew solo. I sense a Star Wars reference there!!