Thursday, August 1, 2013

The (Hopeful) Return of the Missing Blogger

I don't expect that anyone still visits here . . . but I truly want to start using this space again for sharing my thoughts, feelings and experiences. 

I have missed writing.  And there's so much that I want to write about.  For the past several months, there have been many times that I've thought to myself, "Hmmm, I should blog about this . . . " and then it didn't happen.  All I can say is life is busy, and along with that, this blog has taken a very low spot on my list of priorities, and that kind of makes me sad.  Honestly, it's easier for me to write a one or two-line status update on Facebook on a daily or weekly basis than it is to go through the timely process of writing, proofreading, editing and posting on my blog.  I thought it would be easier if I used "categorical topics" for each day of the week, which is how my blog began in 2013, but even that became overwhelming and as you can see, didn't take off like it should have.

But, I digress.  I am going to attempt one post a week from now until the end of this year, and see what happens.  Perhaps some of my readers will return . . . and if they don't, I'm okay with it.


Michelle said...

I'm still here!!! I was just last night thinking about you and about how it has been just over a year since I met you and the boys. I have missed you and was hoping to find a few minutes to sit down and send you an email. I hope you are having a wonderful summer. I would love to catch up sometime.

~Rain``` said...

And since I miss your status lines on Facebook, I will visit here. :)