Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I know I haven't been here for 2 months, but I just wanted to let you know that I am alive and well.  Life has been extremely busy, and there just hasn't been enough time in my weeks for me to write here.  In addition, some other issues have come to light, which have caused me to re-think my blog, its purpose and how others view this site.  I'm not sure how or what changes I need to make . . . it may be that I completely shut down this space, but hopefully I'll be able to write more of something over the next week or so.

However, my primary purpose for today's post is to wish you all a HAPPY EASTER, as I rejoice in knowing that the death and RESURRECTION of Jesus took place for all sinners, providing all of mankind with a way to the Father in Heaven.

Blessings to you!


Michelle said...

Hey! There you are! I have been wondering how you and your family are doing and hoping you didn't get too buried in snow this winter. I shouldn't rub it in, but spring has sprung here...bulbs are blooming, summer birds are back, snow is pretty much gone, and we have had warm, spring-like temperatures.

I miss your blogging and I really hope you don't have to shut it down, but being someone who hasn't taken time to blog in over a year now, I completely understand if you do.

I hope you had a happy and joyous Easter. He is risen!!!

~Rain``` said...

Happy Easter to you and yours as well! I understand your dilemma to blog or not to blog. I'm there many a day. Though I really appreciate your words and your updates via this blog, especially since I am not a Facebooker and I choose to miss out on practically everyone's status lines. Thus your blog is one of the ways I connect with you.

But I do appreciate the process of simplifying life and pursuing your passions. For me, I blog because I need to practice writing for the volunteer articles I compose for a local magazine. The lack of comments on my blog bothered me, therefore I removed that option for my readers. It was a good decision for me and it has kept me blogging.

May God lead you in your decision and give you peace.