Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Today I am thankful for . . .

866.  The gift of A Doctor Who Cares.  I had my yearly physical today and I am always impressed by how much time my doctor takes to ensure that she's covered all the bases of my body and my life.  We actually spent a lot of time talking about homeschooling and she was very supportive of what we're doing.

867.  The gift of A (Surprise) Service Call from my brother-in-law regarding our satellite dish.  He happened to be in the area doing work for another customer, so he stopped by and was able to have supper at our place before working on our equipment.  It was good to have him over.

868.  The gift of  Puppy-Sitting.  We have Billy here for about a week and he reminds me so much of his dad, Harpo.  It's going to be great to have this time with him.

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