Friday, September 14, 2012


Today I am thankful for . . .

787.  The gift of My One and Only Brother, S.  It's his birthday today:)

788.  The gift of Laundry Completely Done before Saturday arrives.  Usually my laundry is done from Friday to Saturday, but this week I got a head-start on it, which leaves more room for Saturday fun.

789.  The gift of A Beautiful Fall Day. Now, if only I could get out there and deal with all the dying plants and flowers . . . .

790.  The gift of Cream of Leek Soup.  Yesterday I was in Safeway with Ty, getting some produce items, and he spotted leeks.  He asked me what they were, so I told him.  He said he'd like to try them, so I decided to try making soup with the leeks.  Yowzers!  I think it was the best soup I've ever made, tied for first with chicken-lemon-rice soup. 

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Michelle said...

I would love your recipe for the Cream of Leek soup! I just bought ingredients this evening for making Broccoli Cheddar soup sometime this week. It is starting to look and feel a lot more like autumn outside and I am eager to start making soups and stews again.