Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Day with Detours

Today I am thankful for . . .

791.  The gift of God's Provision and Protection.  This morning we went to run some errands and when we came out of our first store, we noticed a HUGE pile of pinkish-red fluid pooled by the front tires of our vehicle.  We were near the dealership where we bought our car, but since it was a Saturday, the service department wasn't open.  We went to another GM dealership that was also close, but they had no time to fit us in.  However, the mechanic took a brief look and informed us that our transmission fluid pan had a hole in it, which was causing the leak.  We bought some transmission fluid, with the hope of getting our car closer to home, and to our local mechanic, which was almost an hour's drive from where we were in the city.  On the way home, we narrowly missed being hit by another car making a left-hand turn at a controlled intersection.  I am SO thankful that we weren't hit.  We made it to the mechanic in town, but the car won't be looked at until Monday.  We are praying for an easy and inexpensive fix.  Then we might be saying good-bye to the car that is forever frustrating me.

792.  The gift of A Calm Assurance in My Heart that God has already worked out our vehicle issues.  I'm not sure how much it's going to cost to fix the car, and while we've been contemplating trading that vehicle in for something more gravel-road-worthy, a trade may be happening sooner than I thought.  But I hate vehicle shopping, almost more than anything else, really, and I absolutely dread going through the inevitable process that lies ahead.
793.  The gift of A Day with Detours that still landed me back where I wanted to be:  HOME! 

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~Rain``` said...

I am glad to hear of God's protection in your life.