Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Heart is Full

I had a great day.  My heart is so full right now I think it might burst.  Here's a glimpse into why I feel this way:

Today I am thankful for . . .

146.  The gift of Celebrating Lovely Women this afternoon.  Ten women gathered in my home to celebrate inspiring women in their lives.  We drank coffee, tea and punch, enjoying a few desserts as well.  I love these women.  What more can I say?

147.  The gift of A Patient Husband and Boys, who had to hang-out in the basement for about 4.5 hours while I entertained my guests.  I am so grateful that my husband encourages me to utilize my gifts in order to encourage other women.  I love him.  I love my boys.

148.  The gift of My Inspirational Women, which include:  My Mom, My Mother-In-Law (who is no longer with us on this earth), my four older sisters and one younger sister-in-law.  May God Bless them all for the care and concern they've shown me in my lifetime thus far.  They are all beautiful women and I love them.

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~Rain``` said...

Thanks Kimmy. You inspire me as well. :)