Friday, August 13, 2010

Ty-ger! Ty-ger!

We moved here 3.5 years ago.  Ty was given wonderful tiger bedding from my mom when we moved.  Ty's room was to turn into a tiger-themed room.  My plan was to start painting his room in a tiger theme shortly after we moved in.  But alas, here it is, this many years later and it's finally been done.  Better late than never!

Ty is super-thrilled with his room.  I wasn't too optimistic about how it was all going to turn out, but I must say, if I were a 9-year old boy (and a boy who LOVES animals, especially tigers), I'd be pretty excited about sleeping in my "new" room.  That's what he calls it--his NEW room.

Here are the pictures. (Sorry, no "before" pictures to compare with. The wall colors were the same color as the ceiling--if you are able to tell from the photos--a sort of taupe color (rather boring for a boy with Ty's demeanor--orange is a much better choice for him!).

Ty's Tiger Room--finally finished!!!!

This is the wall opposite the foot of his bunk-bed.  It took a lot of time to paint all the tiger stripes--I bought a stencil on-line from Jan Dressler Stencils--a very good quality product;
the tigers above the window frame are stick-ups
that I bought at The Dollar Store.

Tiger bedding ensemble--Ty loves his bedding!
The color of the wall that the bunk bed is against is 
coal blue--a compliment to the orange fiesta.

Ty lounging in is new room with "Hobbes", his stuffed tiger.

Doesn't his tiger look real?

I bought these framed prints at a liquidation centre
over a year ago, in hopes of finally getting Ty's
Tiger Room finished. 
This wall is just orange, to off-set the crazy tiger stripes.

I love these stick-ups.  They fit perfectly above the window;
Ty says they are about to fight. 
Their names must be Mitchell and Ty.

Good-night from "Calvin and Hobbes"!

*Double-click on the images if you want to enlarge them.


~Rain``` said...

I LOVE it! Wow. You have done a superb job in transforming that room. Fabulous colors. You have talent in decorating. I might have to get some pointers from you when I find time to redecorate our future home.

Lovella said...

Great job, Kimmy! I'm impressed and I can see that Ty just loves it!!

Kim said...

Looks awsome Kim!!! I'm going to show this to my boys, I'm sure they'll think it's pretty cool. I did Curtis' room with a toolbox theme, red and grey and it actually turned out quite nice. Now if only he could keep it organized...

Jen said...

Wow Kim! That room looks amazing!!

stacey said...

love both ty and mitchell's rooms!! fun, fun, fun!!