Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Ever since I've been off work, which was officially June 29th, I've had plans to improve my physical surroundings by way of cleaning and tidying up my house (very thoroughly) but it just hasn't happened the way I planned it.  Normally I'm pretty good with time management and organizing my day in such a way that I can accomplish my goals.  But it just seems that as soon as I'm on a roll, a distraction comes my way, or there is some activity previously planned that is taking me away from the house and, well, my list of excuses could go on and on.  I am extremely frustrated by all of this and I seriously want some sanity back, which, in my mind, will come by way of a neat and orderly house.

However, that is going to be virtually impossible due to the fact that we still have flooring that needs to be installed.  This flooring is sitting in, around, and on my dining room floor and table.  The furniture isn't where it should be.  The laundry has now been folded and I plan to put it away today.  I know that will help matters.  And the boys cleaned up most of their toys yesterday, which will help, but in all honesty I look around me and feel so overwhelmed.

Some days I wish I were a genie and I could just fold my arms neatly one over the other, blink, and have my house spotless.  But, that's not going to happen.  I just have to get to work.  This week is Vacation Bible School at our church in the evening, which I'm helping at, and with travel time and VBS time combined, I am missing out on 5 hours of time each evening where I would be at home otherwise.  Don't get me wrong.  I want to help at VBS and I want my boys to attend it.  I just wish I could somehow squeeze in those lost 5 hours elsewhere without losing sleep.

Perhaps by the end of summer I'll have accomplished my goal for week 1 of holidays.  How pathetic is that?

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