Monday, August 18, 2008


The boot cast is gone.


My foot is still healing . . . I had three more x-rays today to ensure that my foot is progressing as expected . . . it is, but my doctor said it will still be two or three months before my foot is completely back to normal. I don't require physio, so long as I do my own "exercises" at home, as well as receiving (i.e. begging for) a regular foot massage from my husband (hee! hee!). I've also been advised against jumping, hopping, or bouncing. That won't be a problem. I'm not Tigger.

It feels strange to not have extra weight on my foot. But let me tell you, my foot is happy for strange. It's ecstatic for strange.

In other "freedom" news . . . my boys are visiting my parents for the rest of the week and will likely be there until Friday. I've got SO MUCH on my to-do list now that my cast is gone, and my boys are gone . . . not to mention Wayne is working the evening shift this week, which means I've got a lot of time to myself . . . I've got an agenda. A BIG AGENDA.

After I had my doctor's appointment this morning, the boys and I shopped for their school supplies. We're trying something new this year. In the spirit of RECYCLING, we've decided to carry-over as many supplies from last year as humanly possible. Yes, in the past, my boys have received new school supplies (with the exception of a ruler and scissors, perhaps) prior to each school year. But not this year. And guess what? I saved quite a bit of money. My total spending on school supplies was just over $40.00 . . . that's a miracle considering the very. long. list. of supplies their teachers supplied. All I can say is I'm thrilled to be frugal.

I must add, however, that school clothing, including their indoor footwear, was purchased last month. But even that totalled only $80-some dollars.

Someone is definitely taking care of us. Big time.


Virginia Janet said...
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stacey said...

you did so great shopping for the boys! it is so possible to go cheap!

don't overdo yourself with the foot still healing! i know, it's hard!