Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Wasn't Expecting This

My foot hurts. A lot. I was not expecting to be in this amount of pain after the removal of my cast. I've resorted to wearing a tensor bandage today, which has helped to minimize the pain.

On Monday the doctor told me that it would still be 2 -3 months before my foot was completely healed. I guess the amount of muscle/tissue damage that I endured along with the break is what is causing my pain. Not to mention I haven't really "used" my foot and lower leg muscles that much in the past six weeks.

I'm hoping that my foot will feel better soon. I've probably been doing too much since my cast came off, but you know, I (sort of) took it easy all summer, so this week I really wanted to make up for lost time. Apparently that's not going to happen.

Yesterday we had a major heat wave here, and it seems to be continuing. It's very windy as well . . . a VERY HOT WIND. Not comfortable at all. I spent this morning baking to fill my freezer for future school and work lunches. Now my house is like an oven as well.

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Beba said...

Hello Kim!
I love photos you posted on your blog. I have no idea when, but you guys look so cute!
We have very hot waves here as well and i am not really glad when i have to cook, all tho, our air conditioner works over time :).
God bless you all