Thursday, March 13, 2008

Memory Lane . . . brought to you by the color PINK!

From left to right: Liesa, Shantel (flower girl), Me, Anita, Daphne

Don't ask me why . . . I just felt compelled to share this picture with you.

This is my wedding day . . . me with my lovely ladies.

I'm grateful to report that I'm still in contact with each one of these terrific friends.

Liesa is going to have her first child this summer.

Anita just had daughter number three back in November.

Daphne (who also happens to be a step mom), just celebrated her daughter's 2nd birthday in February.

Shantel is currently a grade 11 student (she's my niece on Wayne's side of the family).

And about the Bride? Well, her boys are much older than everyone else's kids . . . not sure how that happened!

I love you girls all so much. Thanks again for wearing pink for me (almost 11 years ago)!


Trev & Rebekah said...

I didn't know you knew Daphne. She worked at Bethany when I was there my first year.

Brenda said...

You look so pretty. When is your anniversary? Ours was Feb 11.

Kimmy said...

Rebekah: Daphne and I went to Bethany together and have remained friends since. She's a true gem.

Brenda: Our anniversary is May 17. We were married in 1997.

Amy said...

I love stuff like this Kimmy! You look so pretty. I love your bouquet. Can you believe I'll be celebrating my 24th anniversary this year. Wow! I guess I have aged. I sure don't feel it mentally though, except for the forgetfulness! LOL!