Wednesday, March 12, 2008


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If I notice a 1-800 number appearing on my phone's call display, I ignore it. I don't answer. It is very frustrating to pick up the phone and have one of the following occur:
1) A recorded message indicating that I've won a trip to Mexico;
2) A recorded message indicating that a company I owe money to wants me to call them back at my earliest convenience;
3) A non-recorded message (but it may as well be, because the person on the other end is just reading a script) from a company asking me to participate in a survey.

My responses to the above would be this:
1) I can't afford your "free" holiday;
2) I know I owe you money. I'll send it when I have it;
3) I don't want to participate in a short, 2-3 minute survey that is actually going to take up 10-15 minutes of my time.

1-800 numbers are a pet peeve of mine. But have you noticed that sometimes 1-800 numbers are "disguised" on call display as: "Out of Area". Around here that means one of two things . . . either someone is trying to call me with their cell phone (hardly ever happens) or it's a 1-800 number in disguise. I usually don't answer those calls either.

So basically, I only answer the phone for "real" people. Unfortunately, since I've been off work, I don't get many "real" people phone calls.


Chris said...

I play "phone-roulette" at home. One of the three of us races to the phone... either myself, or my 5 year old or my boy who's almost 3. Lucky the person who's selling something... "hi, who is this?" "why do you want to talk to her?" I prefer my screening, since I'm too cheap for call display. Love the post!

Brenda said...

I like Chris' idea. Maybe I will use that. Mine are teens. They could really annoy someone and enjoy it. Most calls from people I know are too my cell phone now.

Story of our Life said...

A month ago I decided I had enough of a particular place in FL calling my dh every single day 2-3 times a day. In WI it is against the law to continue to call w/you have been DO NOT CALL ..but they kept it up. I contacted the BBB and luck.

So it went like this...
" Good Afternoon Ms. Gardiner, may we speak with James"
"Uhhh....No he's not here"
"When would be a good time to reach him..."
"Uhh....I don't think ever....he died"

DEAD SILENCE.. I was talking on my cell w/my aunt and she burst out laughing....

"OOOOOHHHH...I'm SOOOO very sorry."