Friday, March 14, 2008

Feast One-Hunded & Eighty-Three



On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 as highest), how much do you like your own handwriting?

When I take the time to write neatly, I really like my handwriting, so I guess I'd give myself a 9.7/10. Unfortunately, my writing can be a bit messy and only recognizable by myself if I'm in a hurry and just "jotting" things down. My writing is sort of a combination of printing and writing. I also have the capability to change my writing in order to disguise it.


Do you prefer baths or showers?

I prefer baths . . . bubble baths to be precise. However, bubble baths rarely happen for me. Showers are quicker and easier. Plus, it takes forever to fill our tub with water since we moved to the country; I'm not sure why. It just does.


What was the last bad movie you watched?

A lot of people probably liked the movie Hope Floats. But I really didn't like it. Actually, I didn't even watch it to the end because I found that even by half-way through, I was bored to tears. I don't know what I was expecting, exactly; but the fact that it had a 4-star rating maybe geared me up for something better. I taped it off the T.V. a few months ago and finally attempted to watch it last week. It was a futile attempt.

Main Course

Name something you are addicted to and describe how it affects your life.

Hmmm . . . how about blogging or facebook. Both of these modern means of communicating and supposedly connecting with people consume more of my time than I'd like to admit. I've been thinking I should ban myself from the computer for a week and see how much more I accomplish as a result.


Which instrument is your favorite to listen to?

I really like the piano if it is played well. However, listening to my 8-year old son play music by ear can be torturous at times. He think it sounds right, but if there's a note or two that's off, it really bugs me. However, I don't want to discourage him from trying.

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Chris said...

Yeah... I hated hope floats too... I was all psyched when it came out, because I'm a Sandra fan, and I LOVE Harry as a musician (and he was pretty easy on the eyes in high school too), but what a disappointing movie.

Thanks for a fun post.

Me said...

I know what you mean about blogging. During the week I find I can be too busy to blog regularly and it drives me nuts! :)


Amy said...

Hi Kimmy, that's a big fat NO! I do not talk as fast as I type!! That would be rather annoying, wouldn't it?

I am much more of as listener if you can believe that? Although when I comment I can be quite wordy at times!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and that your week is great!

Brenda said...

My handwriting is horrible. I blame it on being a lefty. I spend way to much time on the computer too. Today I am going to a bigger town about an hour from her and shopping with my college age daughter all day! YEAH!