Monday, March 17, 2008

"Busy" Is My Middle Name

I have a busy week ahead of me. I've got the opportunity to work at the school two days this week as a substitute (Secretary this afternoon and Educational Associate on Wednesday all day). On Tuesday I'm getting together for a Girl's Day Out with two good friends. On Thursday the boys have no school so that's always fun, and Friday is Good Friday (I get to attend an Easter Cantata at my sister's church); Saturday is going to be a day for housework and Sunday is Easter, which will be spent at my parent's house. This week is going to zoooooom by. Next week the boys are off from school all week and I've already got a couple of play dates scheduled for them; and we're hoping to possibly look into getting a different car. I got my Saturn back this weekend, and, well, it still has problems, even though I just spent my entire final pay cheque from my old job on car repairs!!! Yikes!! But I'm thankful to have my wheels back, even though they aren't great.

I may also have something exciting to share with you by the end of today. If so, I'll either post about it later tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned.

And have a great Monday!!!


Beba said...

Hello Kim!
It is Beba. I am glad you are all doing fine! I will check out later on "news".
God bless you and hope to hear from you. I will leave my email address here in order you want to stay in touch. Love, Beba

stacey said...

i hope you have a great week!