Thursday, July 12, 2007

More on Seven

Ummm . . . could someone please leave a comment on my post regarding the number seven, which was posted on 07-07-07? The next person who leaves a comment will be the SEVENTH commenter and that would really, really, make my day!!

I'm thinking that most people would want to leave a comment after comment #6 because it would just make it so cool to have a post about the number 7 have 7 comments. I could write a comment, but I'd rather that one of my friends do it. Please, will you?


P.S. Am I getting obsessive over this number 7 stuff or what??!! It's fun.

**UPDATE** My good friend Kim has left the seventh comment. THANK YOU! Now please, no more comments. Please. If the comments exceed seven, I will have to raise the bar and ask for seventeen.


Kelsey the Krazy said...

Hi Auntie Kim! Just wanted to make your day! Tee Hee

Kimmy said...

Oh, Kelsey! Thanks! Hearing from you always makes my day!

e-Mom said...

Ha! Should I make you raise the bar??? (No, I won't do that to you.) :~)

Amy said...

Kimmy, I so get where you're coming from! I would have done the same thing too!