Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Five-Year-Hair-Plan

I used to think ponytails were a cop-out. Let me clarify. My hair is currently closest to the longest it's ever been. (My picture on the sidebar was taken 6 months ago and my hair has grown quite a bit since then). I'm so happy that it's finally growing despite the painful course of stress it's had to endure over the last 10 years (see my RAD posts for more info on that statement).

I've been wearing it in a ponytail for two days now and I'm loving the fact that I can actually do this.
My thoughts on ponytails have changed in the past while. I used to see women with ponytails and think to myself . . . Oh, bad hair day. They had to resort to a ponytail. Or . . . Oh, she didn't have time to do her hair today so all she can do is wear a ponytail. Well, I now fit into those categories and understand the whole ponytail thing. I understand that when your hair is longer, it may actually take more time to get it perfect if you resort to trying to style it with a rounded brush (to straighten it) or a curling iron (to, obviously, curl it). But a ponytail is so much easier to "do". There's no styling involved. That's the beauty of it.

Usually by this time in the summer I'm ready to cut all my hair off and go bald because of the heat. But now that I'm able to wear a ponytail, I don't find myself getting as hot, because I can pull all the hair away from my face and neck and get it out of the way. Beauty.

My plan is to grow my hair as long as I can until I'm 40 and then I'll decide at that point whether or not to cut it short again. I'm turning 35 in August, so that gives me a good 5 years to get super-long hair. (I guess you could call it my Five-Year-Hair-Plan). I've never had super-long hair. When I was a child I had super-short hair. My mom said it was easier that way. And from her perspective, I can see her point. After all, I was the youngest of 5 girls, plus I had one younger brother that she was caring for. Why on earth would she have wanted to make me look feminine by giving me long hair? She had my older sisters to do that with. No, I'm not bitter. I just want a chance at having long hair.


Amy said...

Oh you youngster you! My birthday is on the 7th of August, what day is yours?

As I was recalling my childhood yesterday I was regretting ever cutting my hair. Yeah, I'd look silly at 42 having hair down to my feet, but boy was it pretty. If I do say so myself!

Can you french braid? I bet that would look really pretty!

Kimmy said...

Amy: My birthday is August 26th. And no, I can't french braid. I have no intentions of letting my hair grow down to my feet. If I get just past my bra strap I'll be happy. For me, that's what I'd consider super-long.

Becky said...

I'd be bitter. LOL.

e-Mom said...

Lol, I love it: A five-year hair plan. I never thought of that! I say... wear it in a pony-tail as long as you can. It's youthful-looking and fresh, especially in the summer. :~)

I've kept my hair "longish" for years. My hairdresser says at my age (not telling) I should keep it above my collar bone, and wear layers, so I do. My husband loves it longer!

Happy Canada Day Kimmy. O, Canada...

jillarae said...

Hi Kim!

I always feel compelled to comment when you mention your hair. I, too, have a five year hair plan. Actually, it is more like a 7 year plan. My hair now is at the longest length I ever grow it to, which is touching my bra strap. I have decided this time to keep growing (which with my overwhelming need for change, may be hard). 40 seemed like the magic number for me too. Let's have a race - and yes, I love ponytails!