Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Interested In Reading More?

I've noticed that I've had quite a bit of new traffic passing through my blog recently, and I just wanted to let my new readers know that I have another blog, which is private. My other blog chronicles my journey as the stepmother of Thomas, who is now 16 years old. Thomas was 6 years old when I married Wayne and, without going into great detail, being his stepmother has been a challenge. Thomas has Reactive Attachment Disorder as well as some other psychological issues, and My Life is RADical addresses (mainly) his RAD diagnosis.

I've been posting on this topic since the middle of April, and I try to add a new post each week. These posts are sort of like my "testimony" as the mother of a RAD child. My current readers have been very supportive and urge me to keep sharing my story. My primary reason for the blog is to educate people on Reactive Attachment Disorder from the perspective of someone who has experienced it first-hand.

If you would like to have access to my other blog, please go to View My Complete Profile on my sidebar (to the right) and from there, click on e-mail at my profile page. This will connect you to my e-mail address, and all you need to do is send me quick note requesting that you would like to read My Life is RADical. Then I'll send you an invitation. I'll need your (Google) e-mail address and that's about it.

I hope you will join me as I continue to share my story. What I share is very honest and real; probably shocking and scary to some. But being the stepmother of a child with RAD has been so much a part of my life that it has made me into who I am today. If you want to know the real me, it's worth the read. For new readers, "getting the whole story" will take some time. There are 17 posts prior to today's. I highly recommend that you go back to my archives and start from the beginning. Everything will make a lot more sense if you do that, rather than starting with today's post and working backwards.


Today's post on My Life is RADical is entitled, "My Kid is RAD: Part 11-- Another Nervous Breakdown, a Death and a Good-bye".

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e-Mom said...

I'm so glad you're inviting others to read your RAD blog. I'll take a look tomorrow. Meanwhile, I've tagged you for the Restaurant Meme. When you get a chance, come take a look! :~)