Saturday, June 30, 2007

June 30th. Yeah!! My crazy-busy month is almost officially over.

Now the fun, (and I mean fun) begins. This is the first time in my life that I've had the summer to spend with my boys without the distraction of employment, whether it be at the office or doing daycare.

Mitchell commented yesterday that, "Mommy, you spend a lot more time outside at the acreage than you did at our other house."

"Yes. I do. It's more fun here. It's easier to be outside here." I replied.

We have all been spending lots of time outside . . . working. But I'm loving this work. Although the weeds never seem to cease growing, it's actually fun to be "tidying up" the outside. I can't say that about the inside of my house though--it's pretty messy right now. But I'll clean it up later.

On Monday my dad is coming over to help Wayne work on our basement renos. We have to put in new drywall 2 feet from the floor up around the perimeter of the basement, due to ground water seepage as well as our sewage backup which occurred a few months back. Once the drywall has been re-installed and the mudding and sanding is complete, I get to paint! I've chosen a color called Denim. It looks just like it sounds, so no explanation is needed there. After the painting is done I get my new flooring--a maple laminate which I love.

Although I am grateful that we are able to recreate the entire basement, I'm a bit frustrated by the fact that we have to do this. The flooring prior to the water problems was pretty nice. The room was totally functional and we were living in it just fine. Now it must change. Not because I want it to. But because it has to.

Oh well. Such is life.

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Amy said...

Hi Kimmy! Your summer sounds lovely. I remembering being so excited for the kids to be out of school and just relaxing during their holiday. I miss those days.

I love blue, so the color of your basement sounds really nice. Blue makes me so happy, so someday when I visit I'll probably be happiest there. ;o)

You asked me about my hair in a comment. I never had it down to my feet, but if I would have never cut it in high school that's where it would be by now. It used to be past my waist in high school and a really pretty, shiny brown. Now, becuase I have such limited range of motion my hair is right at my shoulders so it's easier to take care of. But wow am I starting to get a lot of gray. :o( I know I'm 42, but I still think it's a little early for it. I don't like change very much!

I don't post pictures because I don't have access to a digital camera. PLus I don't know how to load stuff on my computer unless my husband sends it to me via email. I keep my blog a secret because I like having something for just me. My family is always putting their nose in my business so I feel like this is my only private space! So if I were to ask for the camera he might get suspicious.

Boy this comment is long. I guess I should have just emailed you!

I'll be checking back in to see what fun you and the boys are having! Love and hugs, Amy