Monday, May 14, 2007

Worst Case Ever!

NOTE: In order for this part of the post to make sense, please scroll down to the picture and title just below this excerpt, entitled, "Poor Baby!".

Wayne just returned from the vet with Roca.

It's bad. The vet said in all of his years of being a vet, on a scale of 1 - 100, with 100 being the worst-case scenario of a dog's run-in with a porcupine (that he's ever witnessed), Roca's misfortune ranks at 100.

The quills were deeply embedded in Roca's throat, jaw, cheeks and tongue, not-to-mention all the quills that they had to pull out of his nose and snout. Because of the deep penetration of the quills, to the point of them not outwardly visible, but being felt through the skin, surgery had to be performed.

The vet's assistant said that if we had tried to deal with this ourselves, Roca would have been in so much pain that he would have killed us as we tried to help him.

Roca is now resting and will experience pain for the remainder of the week. He has antibiotics in pill form (I'm not sure how exactly we'll administer those to a dog whose mouth is completely wrecked at the moment). I'll say it again . . . my poor baby!

On the bright side (if you can call it a bright side), the vet is confident that this porcupine no longer lives. Roca likely killed it in the process. Unfortunately, the vet gives us no hope that either dog has "learned his lesson" from this experience. Another porcupine, another adventure. That's how the dogs will view a porcupine the next time they encounter one. I'm praying that will never happen again.


Amy said...

Oh My! That poor puppy. I feel so sorry for Roca. I will pray that he has learned his lesson and that he can rest comfortably and heal quickly!

Kristy said...

Your poor dog! Oh Kim, I can't even imagine....YIKES!!!!!

e-Mom said...

Oh my, that's a terrible story. Your poor sweet dog Roca... and YOU. I hope you'll both make it through this. :~)