Monday, May 14, 2007

Brief Sharla Update

For those of you who've been praying for my neighbor Sharla, I just wanted to let you know that she's still holding on, and her kids were able to visit her on Mother's Day. She wasn't able to communicate clearly with them, but at least they got to see her. I think the kids are now more aware of the seriousness of their mom's condition. I'm sure it was extremely difficult for Sharla's husband to allow the children to see her. He's been trying to protect them from the reality of what's going on, but we all know that kids are very aware of stress in the home, no matter how hard we try to keep it from them.

Please keep praying. Thanks!

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Becky said...

Thanks for the update Kim. I've been thinking of her and praying for her every day. I think because I had c-sections, this situation really touches my heart. Her poor family. And a new baby at home. Sigh. Life is so hard sometimes...