Monday, May 14, 2007

The Seven Wonders of Kimmy's World

Okay, so maybe they're not wonders. But these are seven things about me that you may or may not know.

I was tagged by E-mom (Chrysalis) for this meme. I'm not tagging anyone.

Here it goes:

1. I love polar bears. I collect anything with polar bears. My favorite is a crystal paperweight polar bear that my parents gave me when I graduated from Business College. I'm not sure how or when my fascination began with polar bears; I've just always loved them. I would love to travel somewhere, someday, to see them in their natural habitat. However, I am completely aware of how dangerous they are, so my plans to do this will likely not happen. Another dream I have related to polar bears is to receive a ring from my husband with a Polar Bear Diamond in it.

2. I have an obsession with names. I love to look through baby name books to search for the meanings of names. One of my favorite parts of having babies was choosing the name. I still think to myself, "If we had another baby, I'd like to name it . . . "

3. Speaking of names . . . my given name is Kimberly Renae. The "Kimmy" is kind of like a nickname that my family and closest friends call me. But . . . I was this close to being named Bobbi Jo. Thankfully, my parents allowed my four older sisters to give input on my name, and they voted for Kimberly instead of Bobbi Jo. Here's a tidbit for you trivia buffs out there . . . . I was born in the era of the television show, Petticoat Junction. That's where my parents got the Bobbi Jo idea from. And out of the three choices of Betty Jo, Billy Jo or Bobbi Jo (characters from the show), I would definitely choose Bobbi Jo. However, if I had been given the name Bobbi Jo, the "Jo" would have been deleted as soon as I had anything to say about it!

4. I'm sure you've already come to this conclusion just by the template I use on my blog, but I love the color pink. Anytime, anyplace, anything . . . bring on the pink.

5. When I was pregnant with Mitchell, I craved watermelon. I'd buy an entire Texas watermelon, cut it in half, get out my melon baller and eat straight out of the half I'd cut up. The next day I'd eat the other half. During my second pregnancy with Tyrone, I craved Salsa. My husband has now come up with the following descriptions for the boys, based on what their mother ate the most of while they were in the womb: Mitchell is "Sweet & Juicy". Tyrone is "Hot and Spicy".

6. When I was 10 years old, I won a contest at our local Library for blowing the biggest bubble with my gum. The bubble was 13 inches across and my prize was more gum and a book. The gum of choice for the contest was Hubba Bubba Original. I still love Hubba Bubba. It makes the best and biggest bubbles. When my boys get gum from their grandma, I always ask for some, just so that I can blow bubbles! I also like to "snap" my gum by blowing internal bubbles and then popping them inside my mouth. This creates a loud "snapping" sound and it drives Wayne crazy when I do it. My boys love it and always ask me to do it some more.

7. My favorite number is the number 7. That's why I left this piece of information about me as number seven on my list. Wayne and I were married on May 17, 1997, at 10:57 a.m. in the year 1997. Our reply date for the wedding invitations was May 7, 1997. We haven't had any children born with a 7 in their birth date, but that would have been totally cool.

THAT'S IT! I could write more, but that would mean betraying my number 7!

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e-Mom said...

What a great post! Thanks for playing along. I learned a lot about you.

Polar bears really are wondrous animals. So strong and beautiful.

I love names too. I find it fascinating to know two families who have several names in their group which are exactly the same as ours. Have you run into that?

"Sweet & Juicy". "Hot and Spicy".... LOL!

My husband "made" me stop chewing gum when we got married... oh well. I loved blowing bubbles too. Have fun with it!

Blessings, e-Mom