Tuesday, May 22, 2007

$19.95 Plus $.014 Plus $100.00 Equals One Happy Me!

Sorry for the delay in updating my blog . . . oh, I know it's only been 3 days. But that's a long time for me not to post something.

So, all my fuss and worry about how much our repairs were going to be this time around amounted to a whole lot of unnecessary griping. But at the time I needed to gripe, and I was actually relieved to hear back from other bloggers who reported that they too have had experiences such as mine. Thanks for all the encouragement!

The garden tractor required a part that was only $19.95. The quad was repaired for a whopping 14 cents. Without a doubt, God took care of us. Not to mention, my seven-year old, in the middle of Petland on Sunday after church, pulled out a $100 bill from his spring jacket pocket! Yes, you read right. A hundred dollars!

Mitchell doesn't like to wear his spring jacket, but due to the weather on Sunday, I made him. He'd rather wear a bunny hug if it's chilly outside. But several months ago, while the seasons were transitioning from winter to spring, he was wearing his spring jacket quite often. The way he tells it, a while back ("when we still had huge puddles in our yard"--probably in March sometime), while he was playing underneath our huge evergreen tree in front of the house, he found this $100 bill. He picked it up, folded it as small as he could get it and stuck it in his pocket. He was playing alone at the time and by the time he came in from outside, he had forgotten all about the money and didn't bother to tell me about his discovery until two months later.

When he handed me this money at Petland, my mouth dropped. At first I thought it was a joke and he just had play money. But I soon realized it was real and as he shared his story about how he found the money, I quickly grabbed it from him (by this time he had drawn a bit of a crowd) and tucked it safely away. Of course, suspicious me continued to pepper him with questions about how this money came into his possession. If you've been reading my RAD posts about my stepson, you'll understand why. If this would have been Thomas, Wayne and I would have immediately suspected that the money had been stolen. But Mitchell has never given us a reason not to trust him. We trust him completely. His story adds up. We just moved here in December, so who knows what was hidden underneath the tree prior to us living here.

Mitchell's found money helped pay for the parts we needed for the mower and the quad, water-softening salts, plus the crickets we were purchasing at Petland that day in order to feed our leopard geckos. Plus, we let Mitchell pick out something special for himself, just because of how generous he was to give us the money to use on everyday things. You know what they say about money: easy come, easy go.

In any case, Mitchell was the Hero of the Day!


Kristy said...

Kim - I lOVE this!! See?
He is in control.
All the time.

I LOVE this post!!!
Blessings to you friend ~

Chris said...

Wow... you are really being stretched these days. During the rough times I am humbled by realizing that God is only giving me what he knows I can bear in His strength. This is a compliment (I think in a strange way). He has faith in you and your decisions. He is right beside you, cheering you on and giving you a step up and a hug along the way. You are making him proud each time you tackle another "character builder" and give Him the glory all the while. Way to go, Kim!

Amy said...

Oh! I like what Chris just said. She's right Kimmy!

I love finding money in my coat pockets. I have done this before several times. Usually it's just a ten or a twenty, but when you have no money that's a fortune!

Our God is so awesome and I am so happy He has revealed Himself to you and said, it's okay, I'll take care of you.

And Mitchell...you ROCK! The Lord will bless you for being so selfless.

Dari-Lynn said...

That's so awesome! I love found money, and it's doubly wonderful when it comes when you really need it.