Thursday, May 24, 2007

The ABC's of Me

A - Attached or single? Attached. Very attached for the past 10 years. B - Best friend? Anita. We met at Bethany College when we were 18 and have been best friends ever since. She's nothing like me. But she's everything I need in a friend. C - Cake or pie? Hmmm . . . . that's a tough one for me. I think I'll have to say pie. Chocolate pie, with a pastry crust--NOT graham crumb based. And real whipped cream. Lots of whipped cream. Yummy! D - Drink of choice? Diet Coke (with a wedge of lemon and poured over crushed ice). A close runner-up is Goodhost Iced Tea, also over ice, but cubed, not crushed. E - Essential item? My Bible. F - Favorite color? Pink first; Black second; Blue third. G - Gummi bears or worms? Worms. Sour ones. H - Hometown? Borden, Saskatchewan, Canada. I - Indulgence? Dark chocolate in any form. But not the cheap stuff. I don't do cheap chocolate. J - January or February? February. I like February's birthstone better. Plus, it's when Valentine's Day arrives! K - Kids? Three boys, all challenging in their own way. Each unique. Each a blessing to me. L - Life is incomplete without? My dogs: Roca, B.J., Harpo and Alaska. M - Marriage date? May 17, 1997. We just celebrated 10 years of wedded grace. N - Number of siblings? Four older sisters--Lovella, Connie, Tammy & Holly. One younger brother--Scott. Four older brother-in-laws--Stephen, Doug, Bob & Mike. One younger sister-in-law--Mabel, a.k.a. Rain. O - Oranges or apples? Oranges. P - Phobia/fears? Mice. I HATE THEM! Q - Favorite quote? I love quotes. This is just one of many: "Trust is giving up what little I have in strength and power so I can confidently relax in His power and strength." ~ Gloria Gaither. R - Reasons to smile? Being a wife and mother. It's all I've ever really wanted in life. S - Season? Uhh . . . I'm afraid to reveal this, but my favorite is Winter. There. I said it. I prefer Winter to all other seasons. Why? Because I love snow; I love hoar frost; I prefer cooler temperatures. T - Tag three. Anyone . . . anyone . . . anyone. I'm not into tagging. But if you want to do this, be my guest! U - Unknown fact about me? I'm taller than than my husband, and I vowed I would never marry anyone shorter than me. V - Vegetarian or oppressor of animals? I like meat. I enjoy meat. My preferences are beef, chicken and pork. W - Worst habit? Eating more than I need to. I often keep eating even after I'm full. X - X-rays or ultrasounds? Both. X-rays to determine what was going on with my internal organs. Appendicitis was suspected, but it turned out to be major constipation. Ultrasounds to determine due dates, whether my baby was still alive (he was!) and just the routine ultrasounds to check out baby's progress at about 18 weeks. Y - Your favorite food? See sidebar for my 7 favorites. Chocolate is at the top of that list, but really, all 7 are my number one favourites. Z - Zodiac? Virgo. But I hate the zodiac. Can I change the "Z" category to Favorite ZOO animal? Okay. I will. It's a polar bear.


Aynde said...

This is a very cool meme/survey! I enjoyed reading it. Maybe I'll do the ABC's of me over the weekend. ;)

Kristy said...

I like this one too! I actually think I might try it as well.
Fun way to get to 'know' you better!