Friday, February 9, 2007

On A Brighter Note!
Looking back over my last few posts, I realize I've been pretty negative in my writing lately. So today's post is going to focus on the positive. I'm going to post 10 things that I'm thankful for, in no particular order, starting with:

1. A vehicle that works. Yes, my car is having major problems; but I am thankful that we have a brand new truck, which I suspect should be problem-free for quite some time. I love driving the truck. It's huge, and has a lot of power. I feel so in control of the road when I drive it.
2. A furnace to heat our house. It's been VERY cold here this week, with today being the worst day yet. I'm thankful that we have shelter and clothing to keep us warm.
3. My favorite T.V. shows. When Wayne works the evening shift, and after the boys are in bed, I catch up on all my favorite shows, which I record and watch as I have time. (See my sidebar for seven of my favorite shows). Okay, I must comment here regarding last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy. I know last night's episode was the first of a three-part series which will be aired over the next several weeks, but couldn't the writers have provided us with at least a glimmer of hope that Meredith is okay? And what's with the little girl? Is she getting help or is she just vacating the area because she's (obviously) still in shock from what she just experienced? And why is Christina not excited to tell people that she and Burke are engaged? Hopefully my questions will be answered in next weeks' episode.
4. Memories of my babies. When I read blogs of women who are currently pregnant, or have newborns or toddlers in their homes, I get nostalgic. My experience as a first-time mom was exceptionally good. My first baby was an angel. My second was not. Actually, if my second baby would have been born first, we'd probably just be entertaining the thought of having a second one. But now that my second baby is 5 years old, I love his personality and I wonder how he could have been such a cranky baby!
5. Food. Two of my very best friends are currently in Weight Watchers. Between the two of them, they've lost almost 60 lbs. I'm so proud of them! But when I talk to them about their experience, and observe them "calculating" their points and analyzing nutrition information, I realize that I would never have the will power to do what they are doing. I like food too much. I must admit that there are times that I am (what my friends would refer to as) an "emotional" eater. But thankfully something about my metabolism, genetic make-up or some other unknown cause, allows my body to burn fat easily and maintain a healthy weight at all times. My current exercise regiment consists of running up-and-down our staircase (17 stairs) several times a day, and occasionally going outside to play with the dogs or the boys. I know I should do more in the line of exercising. I fear that one day my body's metabolic components are going to suddenly go out of whack and I won't be able to eat as freely as I do now, because all questionable food will be converted instantly into fat. But until that starts to happen, I'm going to keep on enjoying food.
6. Friends. Where would I be without them? Although I actually only have about 3 really close friends but many acquaintances, I do enjoy people and building new friendships.
7. Laughter. Imagine the world without this wonderful sound. That would be tragic. I love having a good laugh, but I think what I enjoy the most is hearing the laughter of my children, especially when they are playing together. Pure laughter gives me great joy.
8. Polar Bears. My favorite wild animal is the polar bear. I collect anything polar bear and I love to research them as well.
9. Hoar Frost. I love the look of God's white paintbrush all over the trees and buildings. The existence of hoar frost, as well as lightly falling snowflakes are my two favorite parts of winter.
10. The Toronto Maple Leafs. Okay, so they're not the best team in the NHL, but I am true to them and I enjoy watching them play. I also really like their uniforms. Unfortunately, Hockey Night in Canada doesn't get turned on too often in our household. Our T.V. is in the basement, and watching T.V. has become more "intentional" since we moved here. The T.V. used to be on "in the background" more often at our other house.

There you go! That's my THANKFUL 10 for TODAY!
Have a great weekend!


e-Mom said...

This is a wonderful list... I'm with you on the vehicle! I'm happy your new truck is so reliable. (I go crazy when my car isn't running.) Even if I don't leave the house for a day or two, it's nice to know I can if I want to.

Good thing you had the easy baby first.:~) Running after small children is great excercise... so that probably helps in the weight department. I love to laugh too! Yes, hoar frost is lovely. And the Toronto Maple Leafs! Lol, haven't watched a game in ages.
O Can-a-da... :~)))

Have a blessed weekend! :~)

Kimmy said...

E-mom: Are you originally Canadian? Just wondering.

Becky said...

Here's how you know Meridith will be okay: THE SHOW IS NAMED AFTER HER. I'm sure she'll be fine. For a few other reasons:

1) McDreamy saw her with the little girl, and is still on sight, and he will wonder why the little girl is wandering alone when he inevitably spots her in the next episode.
2) Meridith covered the injured guy with her coat, which had her identification tag on it, as the show conveniently emphasised while everyone rode over in the ambulance.

Let's all say "foreshadowing" together. :)

Kimmy said...

Becky: Thanks for reassuring me about Meredith. Of course I knew she would be back, but I just had to question it!

Janelle said...

GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!