Thursday, February 15, 2007

101 Things to Do!

This weekend I'm getting a lot of company. Not overnight company, just "spend the day at Kim's new house" company. Two of my sisters and their families, my brother and his wife, my parents, and members of my own household will be meeting together to celebrate two birthdays. Nineteen people will be in attendance. I haven't entertained this many people at once in many years. We hosted a Christmas party back in 2000, and I think there were 23 people; however, our previous house was small in comparison to the one we have now, so that Christmas party was rather cozy. But I can't wait for the party this weekend. I'm so excited to have my family over . . . 8 of the 19 family members have yet to see our new place, so I want to make a good first impression. Unfortunately, I've been procrastinating in the painting department, and my kitchen isn't even done yet. Oh well, they'll just have to use their imaginations to envision the end result.

Alas, that brings me to the fact that I've got a HUGE "To-Do" list, which currently has 40 items listed, but I was thinking that I need to add some more things to that list. Yesterday I went grocery shopping and so the food is all here, I just need to prepare it. This is the menu:
  • Salsa dip & nacho chips
  • Cheese ball & crackers
  • Cheese thins
  • Veggies & dip
  • Homemade buns
  • Assorted salads (I say assorted, because I'm not sure what we're all having--this is where I recruited some help from my family); I know there will be Caesar salad and jello salad for sure, because that's what I'm making.
  • Assorted meatballs: Sweet & Sour; Honey Garlic; Swedish
  • Rice
  • Baked potatoes with all the fixings
  • Baked corn
  • Punch
  • Iced Tea
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Black forest cake
  • Assorted tarts
  • Other baking, if I have time (yeah, right)
So today begins the major cleaning, which will free up tomorrow for food preparation. My biggest hurdle to cross right now is my boys. They've been super good up until today, but it seems that Ty is not coping well this morning. He did get 11 hours of sleep last night, but obviously it wasn't enough.

Due to the busy days ahead, I likely won't post again until Monday. Sorry to all you faithful readers. I'm finding that the blogging world is far too interesting to me and therefore must put a hold on it for the next several days, or I won't accomplish my goals as quickly and easily.

Have a great mid-February weekend!

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e-Mom said...

I hope your party was a huge success! 19? That's a lot of people. Meatballs? And black forest cake. Mmmm. I hope you have some left-overs. :~)