Friday, February 16, 2007

Grey Matter

Grey MatterOkay, I know I said I wasn't going to post anything on my blog until Monday, but I had to write something about last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy, which was entitled, "Grey Matter".

I was crying a lot during this episode, and I was in shock at the end of it all when Meredith self-proclaimed herself as dead.

One question though . . . were the two "men" with her in the room supposed to be angels? Were they representations of people in her life? Who were they? If anyone has any insight into my question, please leave me a comment.

One thing I am relieved about is that Izzy was able to return to surgery. I loved it when she was gloating to Christina about how she drilled holes into a man's head and somehow that has made her a superstar.

And I was also relieved when George found the missing boy.

Again, relieved that the mute girl finally located someone she knew, namely, her mother. The kid finally smiled!

I was devastated for the husband of the pregnant woman, and equally as devastated for Christina and Derek over the possible loss of Meredith.

Oh, I also have to say that I was really impressed with how well the make-up department did with Meredith's face. When Derek pulled her out of the water, she looked dead. And at the hospital she looked even
more dead.

Okay, so how many days til Thursday? I don't think I can handle the wait!


Melissa said...

The two men were Denny (Izzy's Denny) and Dylan, the bomb squad guy from season 2 (episodes: It's the end of the world & As we know it). And yes...they are probably angels as they are both dead.

Ahhh Grey's. What did I ever do without you?!

Becky said...

Oh Kim. How can you not remember bomb squad guy? I'm so happy he's back... (Even if it is only for one hour.)

(Melissa is my sister-in-law by the way... Melissa, Kim. Kim, Melissa.)

Kimmy said...

Becky: Yes, I've alreday "met" Melissa in blogger-land.
To Melissa and Becky: I can't remember the bomb squad guy, even though I know I saw those episodes. And yes, Denny. He looks older on the Grey Matter episode than what I remember. Thanks for clearing this up for me, ladies. I'm not totally stupid . . . I just have a bad memory of late.
Can't wait til next week!