Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Approximately one billion Valentine cards are exchanged each year...the largest seasonal card-selling occasion of the year next to Christmas.
Most Valentine's Day cards (83%) are purchased by women. However, the number of cards purchased by men (currently 17%) is gradually rising, thought by some sources to be due to the fact that men often purchase two cards for their significant others...an amusing one and the obligatory romantic one which they believe is expected of them.
Half of all consumers prefer to receive a humorous Valentine, followed by a romantic greeting (31%) and then a more risque form of card (8.2%). More than one-third of women (36%) and 26% of males prefer to receive a romantic Valentine. 13% of males prefer a more sexy Valentine, whereas only 3.5% of women prefer this variety of card.
February 14 is the most important holiday for florists, accounting for 32% of annual sales.
73% of people who buy flowers to send on Valentine's Day are male...only 27% are female.
California produces 60% of American roses, but the vast majority sold on Valentine's Day in the United States are imported...mostly from South America.
Approximately 110 million roses...the majority of them being red...will be sold and delivered within a three-day time period during the Valentine's Day celebrations.
36% of males and 28% of females put off their Valentine's Day shopping until February 14 or the day before...64% of consumers will plan to do their shopping a week or more prior to the date.
Males tend to spend more money on Valentine's Day gifts than do females and are more likely to buy big-ticket items...the average amount spent being $95.00.
Approximately 3% of pet owners will give a Valentine's Day gift to their pet.
Alexander Graham Bell applied for his patent on the telephone on Valentine's Day in 1876.
The chief colors associated with Valentine's Day are pink, red and white. Pink is a delicate, almost innocent shade of red and is also connected with Saint Valentine, whose burial was said to have caused the pink almond tree to blossom. Red is a symbol of warmth and feeling...the color of the heart, while white represents purity and faith . . . a faith between two who love each other.

*trivia provided by www.novareinna.com


e-Mom said...

Awesome! What a fun post. I loved reading all these crazy facts. 110 million roses sold on this day? Wow. (I prefer lilies.) Thanks for the trivia. Happy Valentine's Day! (Jer. 3:3)

Lindsay Inkster said...

Very interesting Valentines facts! How is your neck feeling, Kimmy? I like your new polar bear picture.

Becky said...

Kim. I have some bad news for you. Last night, to see what all the fuss is about, I watched House for the first time. I didn't like it. That guy is a jerk and I'm sorry, I just can't believe any doctor would perform (or allow some other doctor to perform) surgery on a conscious patient and LET THEM WATCH. Come on. Fine. House is a wildman, but the other doctors and nurses in the room would have done something to stop the patient from watching. They all just stood there. Sigh. Sorry Kim. I'm not on board the House train. It left the station and I'm waiting for the Grey's train to pull up.

Kimmy said...

Lindsay: My neck is feeling much better. It actually only lasted one day, and I didn't even have to have therapy on it. Somehow it corrected on its own. Thanks for asking.

Becky: Don't feel bad about not liking House. Lots of people don't like the show, including my husband. I realize it's got faults, but there's still something about it I enjoy. Yes, Grey's Anatomy. The saga continues . . . I can't wait.