Saturday, January 13, 2007

Trying to Blog!

I've been trying to post since yesterday afternoon without success, but have finally been able to sign into my Blogger account. Were there any other bloggers having sign-in problems? I was beginning to think it was just me, my computer, our location, or whatever . . . but I wasn't able to read or leave comments on other blogger either, so I think it was a blogger problem in general.

Frustrating to say the least.

Now my post from yesterday that I so desperately needed to be written will not be posted. It had something to do with my boys being home from school for 4 days because of illness, a snow storm and/or a windchill that wouldn't allow the school bus to pick them up! It is now Saturday, and they're supposed to be home, so I'm okay with it. But yesterday (and the day before, and possibly the day before that), I was ready for the funny farm.

Mitchell (my 7-year old) requested that I post the following incident:

Two nights ago when I was telling the boys their bedtime stories, they asked for me to tell them one "out of my head." Normally I don't mind doing this, but I was so exhausted that I kept falling asleep, and the story would abruptly end, or I'd say something that had no relevance to the story whatsoever. The boys would poke me and say, "Mommy, more story. You fell asleep." Then I'd try to remember where I was in the story and continue on. Apparently at one point while I was "sleeping", I said the following: "Alaska (our dog) went down the hill on the sled, and then Mitchell decided to get his ears pierced." The part of the story that was authentic, and went with the story-line was the part about our dog going down the hill. But the part about Mitchell getting his ears pierced was not part of the story. I'm not even sure why I said that! But the boys thought it was hilarious and keep reminding me of my story blunder. For some reason Mitchell thought this anecdote was worthy to be posted on my blog, so I am honoring his request and telling you about it.

I love my boys. They are wonderful. But we all have cabin fever. Yesterday and today we've been having a new furnace installed. Yesterday the temperature outside was around -20 to -30C, so it made for a chilly day. Today the temperature isn't as low, and the work is almost done, so I'm thankful for that. It isn't too cold in the house yet.

I'm planning to post something more significant either later tonight or tomorrow or Monday . . . but I'm grateful to any of you who still read this.

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Becky said...

Ha ha! That reminds me of a time at camp when I was trying to sing my girls to sleep and was so exhausted I kept falling asleep in the middle of songs. I takes a lot to get that tired. I hope you get some sleep.