Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Styrofoam, A Storm and Frozen Remote Controls

Styrofoam: A great packing material, yes. But horrible to clean up. As you can see from the first picture in my post, there is Styrofoam scattered all over my basement floor. The cause of this mayhem: Tyrone. Mitchell is claiming non-involvement in this, but part of me thinks he was somewhat involved. With the amount of new things we've purchased requiring excellent packing over the past couple of weeks, we've accumulated quite a bit of Styrofoam. Normally this has been disposed of in short order, so that messes like the one in the picture can be avoided. But my wonderful husband "forgot" to dispose of several pieces in our basement after putting our T.V. stand together, which led to Tyrone creating the mess. Tyrone has been instructed to clean this up, but 24 hours have passed since that instruction, and the basement remains the same. Personally I think his dad should "help" him clean it up, since he's the one that left the temptation out in the first place. I can totally understand why Tyrone has this Styrofoam fascination. It is fun to pull apart. But the fun does not outweigh the horrible challenge of cleaning it up.

A Storm: We were bombarded by a huge winter storm last night. The picture was taken this morning of our "front" yard. Our yard is completed surrounded by sheltering evergreen trees, and even with that, we've got a huge quantity of snow to plough. I can't imagine what the surrounding roads are like. The bus driver called this morning at 7:00 a.m. to let us know that the buses wouldn't be running today. I just spoke with one of the teachers and she said that only 9 kids showed up for school today, no teachers from the city drove in to work, and school is now closed until the storm blows over. I'm glad we didn't venture out to take the boys into school on our own. Unfortunately, Wayne has to go into work later this afternoon. Hopefully the storm has eased up a bit by then.

Frozen Remote Controls: Five-year olds perceive the world so differently, don't they? Last night before I put the boys to bed I was setting up my T.V. in order to record House, and I couldn't find the remote controls anywhere. I need 2 remote controls in order to record things, and there were NOWHERE to be found. I asked the boys if they'd seen them around while they were playing earlier, and sure enough, Ty knew where they were. He yelled down from upstairs, "They're in the freezer." I asked the same questions again and added: "I thought you said they were in the freezer." "Yes," Tyrone said. "I put them in the freezer."

I'm thinking, oh great. Frozen remotes. Like they're ever going to work again! I found them, rescued them from their freezing world and they actually still work. Thank goodness. When I asked Ty why he put them in there, he said, "We were playing a game called 'Everything in the Freezer'. We found lots of different stuff and put it in the freezer. That was the game."

The boys now know that remote controls (and a plethora of other things--mostly toys), do not belong in a deepfreeze!

Today has already been an adventure. The boys have no school and I had lots of plans to keep on painting in my kitchen, but that idea is now down the drain. I've already refereed 5 or 6 "fights" and it's not even noon yet! Hopefully I don't have another 1-2-3-4-5-6 Switch Day again!


Kim said...

My boys are all home today too, two of them are sick, so much for my plans :)
It is amazing what remotes can take. Matthew drooled on ours so much one day it stopped working. In my deperation not to miss a show, I took it apart and dried it with rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip and my show was saved! We enjoy "House" over here too. What did you think of last night's episode?

WorshipWarrior said...
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WorshipWarrior said...

LOL! I can't say my boys ever thought of the 'everything in the freezer' game, but that might be because our only freezer is part of our fridge so they'd be more likely to get caught. (sorry about deleting the last comment - I had a typo so I just commented again)

Becky said...

Ha ha ha ha! I love that he told you they were in the freezer like it was nothing out of the ordinary. Hilarious!

I think I will quit reading blogs and go to bed now since your post put me in such a good mood...

Kimmy said...

Everyone commenting on this post to me has boys . . . perhaps you can all identify with me in some way, shape or form.
Kim, I didn't get to watch the episode of House that I taped until last night. So my comment regarding the show is that I was fooled into believing Dr. House was actually coming around as far as changing his attitude about life But of course at the end of the episode, I was reminded of his stubborn, manipulative behaviors and it looks like we're back to square one again. I guess if the writers soften up his character, the show wouldn't have quite the same appeal (at least not to me, anyways). One thing I do hope was genuine, though, was his apology to Wilson. I really like Wilson and I am always amazed at how much crap he can take from Greg.