Sunday, December 10, 2006

Snow Angel

On Friday afternoon before Wayne left for the day, he backed into our sloped driveway and loaded up the car with boxes to drop off at our acreage on his way to work. Unfortunately, when he tried to leave, the car got stuck, and it seemed like the more he tried to get out, the worse things became. He's gotten himself out of some serious jams in the past, so I didn't go out immediately to help him. But after several minutes of his trying, and the car "burning rubber", I went to help. I "drove" and he pushed, but after a few minutes of doing this, we were no further ahead than when it all began.

I was thinking to myself, "I wonder where our neighbors are?" We have awesome neighbors here, and had any of them realized what was going on, they would have immediately come out to give Wayne a hand. But I guess no one was home. Or they didn't hear the car straining to move.

As we kept on trying to get out of the icy rut, "someone" appeared, almost out of nowhere, to give Wayne a hand. He didn't say much, just something like, "It looks like you've almost got it." He helped us push the car out, we thanked him, and he ran off.

I asked Wayne if he knew the guy and he said "No." I asked him if he'd ever seen the guy before and he said, "No." I asked him if he saw which house he'd come running from and Wayne said, "No." I quit asking questions and sent a silent prayer up to God, thanking him that this person had come to help us.

Several hours later I began to play the whole "getting stuck" scenario over in my head again, and started to consider that the "person" who came to help us, was possibly an angel. (I realize I'm going out on a "theological limb" here, but I'm still going to share my thoughts on this because I find this sort of thing fascinating.)

Perhaps you don't believe in angels who appear to mortal man in human form, but I've heard many stories in my lifetime about unexplainable experiences involving "mini miracles" by the way of these "angels" providing assistance at just the right time and place when believers are in a crisis. I've named our angel "Snow Angel" because he came to help us get out of the snow when we were in a crisis.

Snow Angel did not look familiar to me. And I know the neighborhood folk . . . not all by name, but I certainly recognize them as people who live on our street. No one new has moved in here for at least a year, and I've met, or at least seen all the new people. Also, he just seemed to "appear" out of nowhere, and if I'd had any notion at the time that he was possibly an angel, I would've paid closer attention to where he went after he took off from our place.

Although Snow Angel appeared human, wearing jeans and a plaid lumber jacket, he looked peaceful and serene. He was in his mid-twenties, not very tall or big, about average in size. He had blond hair, blue eyes and a warm smile.
(His appearance was actually that of what I anticipate my youngest son, Ty, to look like when he reaches adulthood). As he was leaving, he turned to smile and wave to us. He barely spoke (just the words I mentioned earlier), but he was gracious and helpful.

In our last days of living on this street, I'm going to keep my eyes open for our Snow Angel. But I don't expect to see him, because I think God sent him to help with the car, just at the right moment. And if he's not Snow Angel, then I will give him the name "Good Samaritan."

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