Friday, December 8, 2006

Forgotten Christmas

I love Christmas. It is my favorite time of year. Because Christmas is held in winter, winter is my favorite season (plus I love snow and hoar frost). I love the true meaning behind Christmas and I never tire of hearing the Christmas story, or telling the Christmas story to my kids. I love the spirit of the season, and all the activities surrounding this time of year.

But this year is different. Our impending move has taken precedence over all other facets of life right now, and that bothers me. I went to the post office today to buy stamps for my Christmas card mail-out (yes, I did manage to actually send out Christmas cards), and while I was there, I filled out my change of address information so that for the ridiculous sum of $35.00, Canada Post will divert any mail that is destined for our current address and forward it to our new address. During the process of completing the paperwork, the Canada Post Employee made the following statement to me: "What an awful time to decide to move." That's all she said. I was thinking that for starters, what business is it of hers when I move, and why would she even say something like that to someone she doesn't even know? I left there feeling worse than I did before, because I think what she was getting at is because our move is happening so close to Christmas, we must be insane to be doing this right now!

Well, maybe so, but there are reasons behind our decision that I don't expect a Canada Post Employee to understand. And I'm too tired right now to justify our reasons for moving right before Christmas, to the many others in our little world who are thinking the same thing but have decided to keep their mouths shut.

I do feel badly about "missing out" on a normal Christmas this year. But I think it will still be a memorable one. Although I haven't been able to decorate our house where we live now (and I don't plan on decorating the new house either), I know that our time spent at my parent's place will make me forget that I've "missed out" on all the Christmas preparation, and dare I say, stress that can accompany such preparation.

My parents have had their Christmas tree up since mid-November, and "home" is where I've always spent Christmas. As long as there's a tree, good food, a round or two of Balderdash or Scattergories, and most importantly, other FAMILY members to celebrate Christmas with me, I'm happy. And I will be happy, because I already know that the above expectations will be met. Unfortunately, not all of my family (siblings and their spouses and kids) will be able to be "home" for Christmas. When you come from a family with 6 kids who live in various parts of the world, it's hard to get together at the same time. I'll miss everyone who can't be there, though. Hopefully we'll all be together again soon.

For me, Christmas shopping hasn't even really hit the radar screen yet, and we had to inform our boys that they may have to wait for some of their gifts until after we receive the proceeds from the sale of our house, which probably won't be until after Christmas. They actually took the news quite well. It's not like they won't get anything on Christmas day, just not exactly all that Wayne and I had originally planned on. I already know what I'm getting . . . a new residence . . . a lot of painting projects . . . a lot of redecorating . . . a lot of yard work . . . I'm a happy girl.

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Becky said...

We moved into the first we bought at around this time of year too. It wasn't the greatest. I admit, but sometimes life changes don't happen at the most ideal time. I think you've got the right attitude Kim, and I'm sure you will have a fabulous Christmas because of it...