Thursday, December 7, 2006

Signed, Sealed & Delivered

We signed our lives away today. Just kidding.

What we actually did was sign all of the legal documents pertaining to the purchase of the acreage and the sale of our house. We were able to sign all the paperwork at one appointment, which means we don't have to return to a lawyer again for many years (we hope).

We met our lawyer for the first time today, and he was actually nice (not like the lawyers I worked for in the past). And apparently his firm is one of the less expensive ones as far as real estate transactions are concerned, so we were happy about that.

As of 12 noon, December 8th, 2006, we own 25% of the acreage and the Royal Bank of Canada owns the other 75% of it. In 20.25 years, we'll own it completely. Now there's a great thought. I wonder what life will be like in 20.25 years from now? Let's see . . . I'll be 54.50 years old . . . Wayne will be 58.25 years old. Our boys will be 36, 27 and 25. I guess it's possible we may have some daughter-in-laws or even some grandchildren by then. Wow, scary.

I think I'll just remain in the present for now and enjoy our new purchase.

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