Saturday, November 11, 2006

Every 1 in 10 is a Winner!

"God guides us, despite our
uncertainties and our vagueness, even
through our failings and mistakes . . . He
leads us step by step, from event to
event. Only afterwards, as we look back
over the way we have come . . . do we
experience the feeling of having been
led without knowing it, the feeling that
God has mysteriously guided us."
Paul Tournier

Today we "conditionally" sold our house!

Late yesterday afternoon our house was viewed by a single guy in his mid-twenties, looking to purchase his first home. He was the 10th person to view our home for potential purchase. Despite my overly powerful feminine bathroom consisting of lots of pink and a lot of "crazy" daisies, he gave us an offer. I'm thinking pink must have some sort of power, since most of my house has an underlying "hint of pink" in almost every room. He's probably already thinking of ways to change all the femininity abounding in this house . . .

Our house went up for sale on October 24th, so that means it was only on the market for 19 days! Not bad for November. Our purchaser's conditions will be removed by November 17th, and then we can finalize our possession date for the acreage. It will likely be on or around December 13th. That means we'll have one week to move our stuff from our current home to the acreage, since the new owner gets possession of our place on December 20th. I can't believe I'm actually writing this. Mine and Wayne's dream is so close we can almost touch it.

Thank you, God, for bringing us this buyer. Thank you, God, for perfect timing. Thank you, God, for the snow you sent this week, which made our back yard look more pretty. Thank you, God, for lessons taught and lessons learned. Thank you, God, that you are all-powerful and in total control of our future. We are so blessed!

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