Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Dread, The Avoidance and the Procrastination

Yes, we have sold the house and now really need to get into gear with packing. But alas, not much has happened. Our weekend wasn't overly busy (hmmm. . . what did we do this weekend???) but it seems that nothing got accomplished. (Nothing) aside from the mess that's been created by my boys, who have now gone back to their old ways with the toy scattering, mess-making techniques that I had put to a halt while we were trying to sell the house. I figured, well, they had to be restricted from this mess-making for 3 weeks, why not let them let loose? Wrong idea! Now the place is somewhat of a catastrophe. I go into their bedroom and it's a mess. I go into the living room and it's a mess. I go into the dining room and it's sort of a mess (I clean it up prior to meal time so that I can set the table). I go into the bathroom, where there's an even bigger mess! They decided to be scientists and took red food coloring, Q-tips, hair products and water, mixed up their potion and spread it all over the counter top. I was not a happy mom when I made that discovery! The playroom and office are also a mess. The only room that is neat and tidy right now is the master bedroom, because I just finished dealing with it.

I am feeling rather overwhelmed. I'm still not over my illness . . . I have to rest for at least an hour a day in the afternoon so that I can make it until after suppertime, at which point I'm exhausted all over again and I just want to crawl into bed. But I don't. There's too much to do, and it seems I can accomplish more after the boys are in bed, so then I end up staying up later than I should and the cycle begins again.

I DREAD the packing and moving. I'm looking forward to setting up at the new house. If I could just fast-forward through the packing, the loading, the moving and the unloading, I could live with this quite nicely. I've been AVOIDING the inevitable. This packing must be done. There's no way around it. But a PROCRASTINATION gene has emerged (normally this does not exists - I'm usually a take-action kind of person, but not when it comes to this).

Okay, so enough yakking. I need to get into action. The irony is that in order to start packing, I need to clean and tidy up the house first. I'll feel much better once the house is clean. I also need to take a shower and get myself looking presentable. I find that if I feel better about myself, the whole world is a happier place. Yesterday I spent most of the day on the phone setting up a new mailbox, a new phone number, talking to people at the new school, talking to people at the current school, calling the bus-driver organizer guy . . . too many phone calls! And today will be no different. I've got more calls to make in order to ensure that our move is successful.

The title of my blog is, MISSION: KIM POSSIBLE! So I better go!


Sue said...

I wish I could come and help Kim.

By the way... I am working on my dad for that list of car guys... We always take it to Colin Weibe at the garage in Martensville... Kind of by the Shop Easy. He goes to our old church and I've known him since elementary school.

becky said...

LOL. Oops. That was Becky. I am working on my aunts blog and signed in as her. She lives in Martensville though, so maybe you would have a better chance of getting her to help than me anyways...