Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday's Feast #6


Name something that helps you fall asleep.

Hmmm . . . I typically don't have trouble falling asleep.  However, I know what I need in order to fall asleep, and that is the sound of a fan humming in the background.  We've had a fan going in our bedroom for as long as I can remember.  My husband needed it for drowning out the noises of "everyday life" when he became a shift-worker many, many years ago, and I got used to having it on as well.  I find it hard to fall asleep in a place that doesn't have some sort of "white noise" in the background.


Who brings out the best in you?

Good question.  Well, I'd have to say that my husband definitely brings out a different side of me, but not always the best.  Having said that, I am a much better person for having married him.  He's taught me about how to relax and lower expectations of myself in daily living.  He listens to my ramblings (this is the time when my best is not brought out, and he always has to listen to the brutal honestly of how I feel about a particular topic . . . not necessarily pleasant or positive).  I guess he ultimately brings out the best because it is with him that I feel the most comfortable to be the real me, and he accepts the real me.

My children also bring out the best in me, and so do my students.  Since most hours of my day are spent interacting with either my children or students, I should hope that they bring out the best in me, and not the worst.  I find such great joy in my responsibilities as a mother and E.A., and I really think I am at my finest in these roles.


What do you like to do on a rainy day?

If possible, I like to sleep in a bit longer on rainy days.  My perfect rainy day would be spent enjoying coffee, reading a book, watching a movie and spending some time in the kitchen baking.

Main Course

Complete this sentence: In our home, we never have enough...

Oikos Greek yogurt and Diet Coke.  Oh, did I just say that?  Well, those would be my two choices.  My family might disagree.  They might just say "food" and leave it at that.  They really seem to be eating a lot these days . . .


Which shoe do you put on first?



michelle said...

I'm so glad to see you posting again. I hope you and your family are doing well. My in-laws just flew back today after spending nearly two weeks here. I once again have Goodhost Iced Tea and Smarties gracing my cupboards!

~Rain``` said...

I've started to get into Greek yogurt as well, since it is so high in protein as a breakfast item.