Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday #2

This year I have been tracking my Thankful Three's in a different manner than I did in 2012. I will no longer be posting "Daily Thankfuls" on my blog, but you will get a glimpse into that part of my heart each Thursday, as I post three things I've been thankful for during the week. I'm following along with Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare Outline, which you can download and print here.

1.  A GIFT BRINGING LAUGHTER . . . A Wii game called Smarty Pants.  The boys and I have been playing this game every day for the past week, and it brings us to laughter every time we play it.

2.  A GIFT BRINGING PRAYER . . . My stepson is the gift, and his situation brings me to prayer each day.

3.  A GIFT BRINGING QUIET . . . Early morning, after Wayne goes to work and the boys are still in bed sleeping.

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Michelle said...

Oh, I remember those days! The older two and I used to eat lunch and then play Wii until 1pm when it was time to start school again. I had to quit playing when I was expecting Isaac. Playing Wii used to give me terrible morning sickness. I haven't really played it since until just this past week. With Matthew home from college, I made him go down and play Mario Kart with me for old time's sake.