Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Wayne's" Baking

Today I am thankful for . . .

1080.  The gift of My Uncle E.  He was in his late nineties and I just found out that he passed away this evening.  My Uncle's family members recently posted some pictures on Facebook of his birthday party last month, and it was good to see him enjoying family time.  He is my dad's oldest brother, and I really loved him. 

1081.  The gift of Wrapping Gifts for My Students.  For the past two weeks, my grade 3 girls have been bugging me about "what the teachers are getting them for Christmas . . . "  Well, tomorrow they'll find out.  I hope they're not too disappointed with what they're getting.  All they keep telling me is they want something pink.  They have one pink item to unwrap, and the rest of the items are not pink . . . aah, yes, they are girls after my own heart:)

1082.  The gift of Baking Treats for Wayne's Co-Workers.  My husband is so cute.  At supper last night, he asked me in the sweetest voice he could muster . . . whether I could possibly make a pan of Cracker Candy for him to take to work on his last day before Christmas (which is Friday--tomorrow).  And, if possible, maybe a pan of Peanut-Butter Squares as well?  Of course I said yes, and I hope his work-mates enjoy every bite of "Wayne's" baking:)

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