Saturday, December 8, 2012

Decorated Tree -- Yippee!

Today I am thankful for . . .

1044.  The gift of A Decorated Tree.  Yes, we finally did it!  After a morning of over-doing-it (because I thought I was feeling so much better when I woke up), I had to have a nap right after lunch.  The boys did most of the lunch dishes for me and when I got up from my nap, we decided to tackle the tree assembly and decorating.  It looks fabulous and it truly made my day.  I love my tree!

1045.  The gift of Everyone Feeling a Bit Better Today.  The boys seem to be feeling much better, and I find it rather unfair (although I'm thankful for this too) that they were able to bounce-back from being sick more easily than I have.  It must be my age.  Like I stated above, I thought I was doing better today, but I realize now that I probably did too much.  For the remainder of the evening I think it's time to relax.

1046.  The gift of Having a Dog to Make Me Feel Better.  My boys lament over the fact that Alaska just "lies around and does nothing all day", but I actually like and appreciate her laid-back attitude towards life.  It's hard to explain, and unless you are a dog-lover (and in particular, a dog-lover of lap-dogs), you won't understand how much sheer joy and comfort my dog brings me just by lying on my lap, or allowing me to snuggle with her.

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