Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Project Runway Marathon

Today I am thankful for . . .

970.  The gift of A Slight Rise in Temperature.  This weekend it was very cold.  This morning I didn't even have to scrape any ice or frost off my windshield.

971.  The gift of Finding Many Complete Seasons of Project Runway at the public library.  Guess what I'll be doing in my spare time for the next week?

972.  The gift of Scoping Out Christmas Gift and Decorating Ideas.


Cons-structions said...

Many seasons of Project Runway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How awesome is that!!!!

Janine said...

Just been spending some time catching up on your posts.
Thank you, always, for your honest and heartfelt thoughts. I always leave feeling encouraged and uplifted.

Kimmy said...

Connie: I know . . . I was so excited I'm sure the whole library knew about it.
Janine: I'm glad you are encouarged by what I write. I always wish I had more time to reveal more behind my three thankfuls of the day, but there are times that I can barely write three sentences, let alone three mini-essays. Hopefully one day I'll have more time. I'm so glad you stop by here now and again.