Wednesday, November 7, 2012

He is GOD

Today I am thankful for . . .

951.  The gift of My Health.  I recently had some tests done that could have resulting in some scary news.  Today I was reminded to never take my health for granted.  I am happy to report that God is giving me more life to live.  I am SO grateful for that.  Maybe one day when I have more time I'll share a bit more of what I've been going through for the past week, but for now I'll just say that I've been heavily relying on my knowledge that I can trust God for my unknown future, because "He knows what's best." 

I was reminded of this again today, as the boys and I have been studying Samuel and Eli (as well as Eli's evil sons) in our History class.  The Bible passage that really stuck out for me today is found in I Samuel, near the end of chapter 3, when Eli asked Samuel to share every detail of the "conversation" he had with God.  Unfortunately for Eli, the prophetic voice of Samuel was devastating, as he held nothing back.  He informed Eli that judgment on his entire family would soon  take place, leaving them all dead.  (There's more information in I Samuel 3, if you want to read a more detailed version). 

It was Eli's response to Samuel's words that struck me the most. "Then Eli said, 'He is GOD.  Let him do whatever he thinks is best.'"  (1 Samuel 3:18, The Message).  Eli accepted the will of God and left it at that.  While I am sure he experienced anguish and grief over the pending death of his family, himself included, there is no record of him arguing with God, blaming God, or trying to justify any of his actions that lead to his demise.  He simply accepted his fate.

952.  The gift of Drum Practice in My House.  Many people cringe when I inform them that I have two drum students living with me.  I guess they think that it's all a bunch of irritating banging and clanging that goes on when the boys practice.  On the contrary, it is music to my ears.  I love listening to their skills progress as each week passes.  They are learning songs that are encouraging to me in so many ways.  This week Mitchell's song has been "Healing Rain" by Michael W. Smith.  I have been near tears as I hear him practice, the words resonating so deep within my soul as I thank God for the healing rain He showers down upon me.

953.  The gift of "Yes" Answers.  Our Women's Ministry is in full-force at church, and without the willing hands of women to help with decorating, food preparation, etc. for the events we host, these events would never happen.  I have received positive feedback from everyone I've asked about helping out with something, and that's really encouraging to me.

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