Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cooperative Pepper

Today I am thankful for . . .

1010. The gift of A Very Scenic Drive to Work this morning. Imagine this--driving down a country road . . . hoar frost on the trees . . . a light dusting of snow on the ground . . . the sun's rising light, producing a pink hue in the air . . . and several deer sailing across the road, far enough away from you that they are no threat, but close enough that you can witness their graceful strides. That's what I experienced as I drove to work this morning, and it was glorious.

1011. The gift of Re-Uniting With My Boys. I went to pick them up after work today, and boy did I miss them!

1012. The gift of Cooperation from Our Dog, Pepper. When Wayne got home from work yesterday (I wasn't home at my usual time, so he was home before me), he noticed that Pepper's neck was full of blood. He texted me and asked if I knew anything about it, but I didn't. When I left for work that morning, she was her "normal" self.

When I got home, we investigated the problem further, only to discover that she had quite a large puncture wound on her neck. We took her collar off, cleaned out the wound, covered it with ointment, and are now hoping for the best. We're not sure what happened, but it almost appears that her own collar mechanism did this to her. There's a part on her collar that fits into the holes that we use to secure the collar around her neck, and we're wondering if her collar somehow hooked onto something in our yard somewhere, and in her struggle to get free, she injured herself with her own collar. Either that, or she got poked by something else. We have no idea how or when this happened, but it's sad to have an injured dog with no explanation for the injury. She's spending the night in the porch, so that she can recover without having to battle the cold night. I am very thankful that she was willing to let us help her; it took two adults to work at cleaning the wound and putting medication on it, but she seemed to know that we were trying to make her feel better.

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