Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Snow-Related Thankfulls:)

Today I am thankful for . . .

906.  The gift of A Vehicle That Can Handle Winter in the Prairies.  We had a huge dumping of snow over the past two days, and yesterday when I left for work I wasn't sure what I was going to be up against.  Well, it turns out that my vehicle with AWD and Traction Control is going to make my life a lot easier this winter, in more ways than one.  It handled the ice, snow and drifts really well, and I feel so much safer in my "new" vehicle (I'm not sure if I've mentioned the make and model on my blog yet, so if I haven't, here's the info:  2008 Pontiac Torrent in the colour Sonoma Red).

907.  The gift of A Snow-Covered Yard.  It looks SO beautiful . . . like God took a thick paintbrush, dipped it in thick white paint, and made large strokes over every item in our yard.

908.  The gift of A Mystery Man (or woman) who came in and snow-plowed our yard while we were away at drum lessons this evening.  It saved Wayne about 2 hours of work, and now the boys have large piles of snow to climb on and play with.  My suspicion is that it was our nearest neighbour who did this for us, and we really appreciate the act of kindness shown.

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