Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, L

Today I am thankful for . . .

900.  The gift of My Oldest Sister, L.  She is an amazing support and encouragement to me.  She is a fantastic wife and mother, an example for all of her younger siblings to look up to.  She has home schooled her four kids all the way from kindergarten to grade 12 (her youngest is currently in grade 12).  She is involved in her church, works as a nurse, and exemplifies Christian living.  Today is her birthday, and I hope and pray she is having a wonderful day.

901.  The gift of My Husband's Safe Return.  He had some problems with his quad this weekend, so I'm glad to have him home from Man Camp safe and sound.  He is exhausted, but is also refreshed in many ways.

902.  The gift of A New Coat.  Last night I was searching for winter coats on-line at stores that I can actually shop at in person.  I love the fact that many stores now have websites, so you can actually kind of "peruse" their clothing before ever stepping into one of their physical stores.  One store in particular was having a sale on winter coats, and there was one coat in particular that really grabbed my attention.  The boys and I went to an actual mall today (not just random shopping in Wal-Mart), so we got to scope out a few stores that we normally don't get to.  One of the stores happened to be a store that I was viewing on-line last night, so on a whim, I decided to go see if they had "the" coat that I was after.  Yes, there it was, staring me in face.  However, due to the major sale they're having on coats at the moment, the sizing was either extremely big or extremely small.  I decided to at least try the coat on (even though I didn't think the size would be right for me) . . . and, it fit perfectly.  I was so excited, and after receiving approval from my boys, I made the purchase.  This is going to be my winter "church" coat and I can't wait to wear it next Sunday.  Here's a picture of it:



Carol said...

The coat looks fantastic, Kim! Which store did you pick it up from?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous coat!

I think it is great that you have been posting so many thankful moments each day - it is inspiring to me.


Lovella said...

I love the coat, Kimmy! I bet it looks awesome on you!! And thanks for the wonderful words. They were a blessing to me! You're such a wonderful "little" sister and I love you!!

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