Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sage Green

Today I am thankful for . . .

800.  The gift of Having My Car Back.  It's been fixed but came with a high price tag:(  I'm not happy about that, but what is one to do?

801.  The gift of Sage-Coloured Paint.  On the weekend I primed one wall in our new bathroom.  It's the only wall that needed to be primed because it is the only "new" wall we will be putting up.  Priming was very uninspiring and turned into a rather mundane task.  But . . . running a paint roller through new, beautiful paint and putting it onto the walls is another experience entirely.  I love watching the new paint adhere to the surface--this time, in a lovely shade I call sage green.  I don't actually have the official colour name for some reason, but I am calling it sage green.  I love the colour, and I finally feel more motivated and inspired to continue on with this reno project, which, a couple of days ago, I was ready to give-up on.

802.  The gift of Anticipating a Wedding in our Extended Family.  One of my beautiful nieces will be getting married next year and we're starting to hear more details now about the time and place, etc.  It's an exciting time for the family!

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~Rain``` said...

Yay for repaired cars, lovely green and weddings!!!! I am excited for the later as well.