Monday, July 2, 2012

Text Enhance and Other Weeds:(

Please note:  Somewhere along my travels in Blogville, or maybe even Internet Land, I have unknowingly and unwillingly, added a feature to my blog called "Text Enhance".  I'm not sure if my readers are "seeing" this or not, but lately, many of the words in my posts have had links (they are highlighted or underlined words that I did not highlight or underline) to websites promoting their products, ideas, etc.  I have spent a lot of time trying to rid my blog of this feature, but apparently, with no success.  I do not know enough about the inner-workings of html, javascript, etc. to deal with the issue on my own.  If any fellow bloggers or readers of my blog have ideas about how to rid myself of this annoying feature, please enlighten me.  I've tried many different options that other Internet sites suggest, but nothing is working.  I don't know how I got this feature, and I don't know how to get rid of it.  All I know is that I. Want. It. Gone!

Today I am thankful for . . .

556.  The gift of Vacation Bible School.  We started ours at our church tonight.  Mitchell and I are volunteers and Ty is experiencing his last year as an attendee.

557.  The gift of Trimmed, Watered and Weeded flowerbeds.  My peonies have finished blooming, so I cut off the dying flowers and trimmed back some of the leaves to make the entire plant look more appealing; I watered my flowers, which finally seem to be getting somewhere.  We've had so much rain this past month that I think my plants went into wetness shock or something, and as a result they haven't been blooming much:(  I also took some time to get at some weeds today.  This needs to be a daily occurrence for me.  Living in the country brings on a different kind of challenge with weeds, especially since much of our "lawn" is weeds!  The worst weeds are quack grass, huge dandelion-type weeds and chickweed.  The chickweed is especially bad -- and because it is so fine, it's hard to get it all right down to the roots.

558.  The gift of Payment Plans.  As the bills tend to get behind once summer comes (due to my not working), I am always so grateful that the utility companies are willing to let me pay with installments rather than one lump sum.  It makes it much easier for us to break-up our expenses each month.

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Michelle said...

Just popping in quickly here...I haven't had computer access for blog reading or email at all. I was awake early this morning and figured I would snipe my MIL's computer so I could try and get in touch with you. I have tried calling you several times, but haven't managed to get through. We are in PA all today (I think). Tomorrow we are around, then we will be leaving Friday morning. I haven't managed to track down our tickets that list our flights, but I have it in my head that we leave somewhere around noon. I hate to think of you driving 45 minutes to the city for just a few minutes of time, but I will try to call (or email, if I don't get through) later today to see what your thoughts are.

We have really managed to enjoy the whole prairie experience this trip...powerful thunderstorms, power outages for EXTENDED (my in-laws were without power for three days and then again for another approx. 18 hours), attending a tea that had EVERY single prairie dainty I remembered from my childhood and some I had forgotten about, mosquitoes that eat you alive, farmer's waves (nobody does that where we live), etc. Everything has been so fabulously beautiful that I am going to hate to go home.

Anyway, I will take a chance to read through what I have missed on your blog when I get home. Hopefully, I will get to see you or at least talk to you for a few minutes before I leave.