Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm . . . .

Sometimes I think I should make this blog private; but then I reconsider.  Then I think I should make it private again. 

One of the reasons for contemplating private settings is due to the fact that I have 26 "Followers" but I only actually know 6 of them, plus there is a 7th "Follower" whose blog I read, but we've never had an on-line conversation.  It just makes me wonder why people are following this blog, but never comment.  What is it that "brought" them here?  Why do they wish to "follow" it?  Just wondering.

And if you are one of the 20 "Followers" I mentioned in the previous paragraph, maybe you could enlighten me on this . . .

Today I am thankful for . . .

512.  The gift of The Lilac-Scented Air I Smell every time I let the dogs outside.  Glorious!

513.  The gift of My Peony Plants Beginning to Bloom.  Again, a glorious smell!  I cannot wait until I can bring some cut peonies into the house so that their aroma can fill my living space.

514.  The gift of Seeing the Good in Someone Through the Eyes of Another Person.  Sometimes I am blinded by my own thoughts and perceptions of another person, and lately I've been reminded of the fact that two people can see different things in the same person, and whether I agree with the other person's perception or not, it is still valid for them.


Michelle said...

Well, I remember how I was first introduced to your blog many years ago (do you???) and I also remember why I decided to follow it, but it is your writing that keeps me here. I have followed and then un-followed tons of blogs through the years, but yours has been on my Google Reader for four (or is it five????) years now.

What you write is real. It isn't pretentious. You have real struggles and real triumphs and share them openly. Sometimes that gives me a new perspective on my day, sometimes it makes me think about things I haven't considered before, and sometimes, like your lilac comment above, you just bring back memories for me of my home, which I miss so much.

Not sure if this helps, but I'm glad you are still sticking around to write.

Kim said...

I think you already know why I follow your blog :) You are a precious friend to me! I also appreciate and can quite often relate to what you share with us.
Keep on!

Kimmy said...

Hey, Michelle and Kim: Thanks for the comments. Michelle, you'll have to enlighten me on how you were first introduced to my blog. I can't remember.

Michelle said...

I didn't think you would, though the memory is fairly vivid to me...and believe me, I don't have very many vivid memories anymore. Grin!

It was a VERY long time ago...a time when Bloggy Giveaways were still a reality. I remember clicking through to EVERY SINGLE GIVEAWAY to enter. I used to set aside two whole days of my life at that time to entering the giveaways. I would even go so far as to prep meals ahead, so I could enter giveaways right up until supper and then continue until bedtime. Do you remember those days? Thousands of giveaways and the more you entered, the more people added.

Anyway, your giveaway was for a cookbook of all of your favourite recipes. That alone caught my attention because I love to cook. What really caught my attention though, was that you were from Saskatoon. To refresh your memory from this post http://kim-possible7.blogspot.com/2007/07/dog-days-of-summer-prizes.html, here is my comment:

"Are you really from Saskatoon where your "weather forecast" is from? That is where we are from originally! That is so cool. I have never found another blogger from back home. As for the recipes, I think that is a great idea. I have started collecting all of my favourite recipes together with the hopes of passing them on to my kids when they move away from home. I am always looking to try something new."

See? I have been with you since July 25th, 2007!!! We will soon be celebrating our 5 year anniversary!

I remember how excited I was to discover a blog from somebody back home. (It obviously doesn't take much to excite me.) I added you to my reader, just as a did a number of other blogs that I was introduced to through the giveaways...blogs that I thought I might share an interest in. Of all the blogs that I have added through the years, yours and one other person's that I also met through the bloggy giveaways, are the only two that remain. I have lots of other blogs on my reader...ones for recipes or homeschooling or whatever, and even those come and go as my interests change, but I'm with you for as long as you care to blog about life in rural Saskatchewan.

For what it's worth, I never won the cookbook, but I didn't hold it against you. Grin!

I'm looking forward to meeting you face to face soon.

Michelle said...

Well it isn't like I haven't said enough on this post already, but I thought I might draw your attention to this quote I came across--"There are many blogs that I read regularly, just for the encouragement they provide. And I feel like I know so many of you just from reading your blogs. For those of you who are expecting babies, I anticipate the arrival of your child and I haven't even met you! And for those of you who report on your children and life in general, I love reading about your world. It's a strange phenomenon, this blogging world. And due to future events pending in my life, I feel that I need to start a "blogging connection" with the outside world."

Does that sound familiar? In those few lines, you managed to capture why YOU started to blog and also why WE (well, I guess I can only really speak for ME) continue to come back and read each new post. You may not feel like you have a lot of connections, but the ones you have are hopefully "true" ones and one of those kinds of readers is worth countless casual ones.

I love that you are posting every day and I look forward to your quick notes, however I also miss some of the "old" blog, where you took time to go into a few details, or especially when you posted recipes, etc. (Not that I am one to talk, because I haven't had any chance to blog in AGES!) I realize that each stage in life brings its new blogging challenges and I commend you for actually making the daily commitment that you have. I miss blogging, personally, but at this stage in my life, other things would suffer for me to give it the time that I would like to sacrifice to make my blog what I want it to be. Someday...someday...I will be back.

Cindy @ Creating at Home said...


I just came across your blog for the first time today. I clicked on your link from my cousin, Janine's, blog. I'm a blogger with many followers and I only know a handful of them. For the most part it doesn't bother me, but I don't post really personal things either.

Cindy :)