Thursday, June 28, 2012

It was a Hit

Today I am thankful for . . .

539.  The gift of Nieces and Nephews.  Tonight I got to see one of them graduate from high school.   She looked so beautiful, and she is a beautiful person on the inside too.

540.  The gift of Watching a Live Percussion Performance at our local Jazz Festival.  Ty's drum instructor, plus two other percussionists performed an near-two hour show in the park by the river this afternoon.  We brought our lunch, lay a blanket down on the grass and took it all in.  It was quite amazing, actually.  Drums only--all other instruments stripped away:)

541.  The gift of Hearing From My Boys that the Percussion Syndicate (name of group mentioned above) Concert was the best field trip they've ever been on . . . even better than anything they did at their former schools.  Yes, boys, that's exactly why I took you to the show--I knew you'd like it!  And that's why homeschooling is so great for you--I can tailor everything about your education, even field trips, to your personal interests.

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