Sunday, May 13, 2012


Today I am thankful for . . .

402. The gift of My Mom, and my Mother-In-Law. My Mom has taught me so much, and I'm thankful to still have her with me on this earth. My mom is a very generous and selfless woman, who has made many sacrifices in the name of her children.  My Mother-In-Law has been gone for 7.5 years, but I look forward to seeing her in Heaven again one day. She was also very generous, and acted as a prayer warrior for her kids and grand kids. She was always so excited to see us and she was one of the most content people I've ever known.
My Mom and I - April 29, 2012 - Celebrating Mother's Day Early

 403. The gift of My Boys - I wish I had a picture to share of myself with all three of them, but I don't. My oldest, (my stepson), is not capable of being with me today, but I still hold him close to my heart. Mother's Day is easy for me as I celebrate with Mitchell and Ty, but it is hard for me as I reflect on my strained relationship with Thomas. Even though I do not necessarily see the evidence of it right now, I know God is at work and I trust Him to bring Thomas back to Himself one day. And as I press-on in an attempt to re-build my relationship with my stepson, I trust in the TRUE HEALER of all hurt, pain and sorrow. I am so grateful for the gift of the children that God has entrusted me with.
Me with Mitchell and Tyrone - May 13, 2012

Me with Ty - May 13, 2012

Me with Mitchell - May 13, 2012

404. The gift of My Husband, Wayne. He just returned from Man Camp and while I know he had a tonne of fun, I can also tell that he missed me and the boys. He's been hovering around me like a little puppy dog ever since he returned . . . oh how I love and appreciate him.

405. The gift of Red Shoes. I've never worn a shoe with such a high heel in my life, but really enjoy the shoes I got to wear with my dress today. I got compliments about my shoes several times this morning in church . . . since the shoes are not evident in any of the above photos, I just had to have some individual shoe photos taken:) And FYI, I bought them at Walmart. For $15.00.
My Red Shoes

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~Rain``` said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. You are an amazing Mom!